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Africa Counter Poaching Federation (PTY) Ltd was
for one reason and one reason only. The owner
worked for different APU companies and was not happy with
their level of dedication to wildlife. He decided to start a
Counter Poaching Federation with no money at all. He knew
something had to be done before it was too late.
The main objective of this federation would be the protection of all Fauna and Flora no mater how big or small 

Due to his previous experience in protecting assets and
wildlife he has the necessary experience and training needed to protect wildlife. He believe due to this fact that Africa Cou
nter Poaching Federation (PTY) Ltd can provide the best Counter Poaching services to the client.


Their employees undergo a specialist training course that was designed by ex'military personnel from different units from the S.A.D.F.
All of their staff is put through mental and physical evaluations. .
. Criminal background checks are also done. They are highly trained in
combat skills and protecting assets of any kind. Africa Counter Poaching Federation (PTY) Ltd applies strict disctheir ipline and training, so that we can maintain a high level of success. The business operates with a hands' on, Zero' Tolerance policy. Their goal is preventing poachers access to the farm before animal lives are taken.


They believe they can cut poaching numbers and other crimes on your property by 80%. Africa Counter Poaching Federation (PTY) Ltd offers tailor made packages for clients.

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Africa Counter Poaching Federation (Pty) Ltd


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